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Which of These 5 Frustrations Do You Have With Your Accountant?

  • Not Knowing How Much it is Going to Cost?
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  • When You call for a Quick Question, You Get Stung With a Bill!
  • You Think Something has Been Done, then You get a Surprise Bill from the I.R.D!
  • You Feel Invisible, as You are Only a Small Client to Your Accountants Large Organisation!

Starting and running a small business can be a nightmare. Let Kiwi Financial Services make sure you make your way through a potential minefield unharmed. With an efficient, no-fuss, cost effective accountancy service, you can focus on the important aspect of you business – Making a Profit!

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Does Inland Revenue Owe You a Tax Refund Or Do You Have a Tax Bill?

IRD and the Government have passed a law that will allow them to automatically assess all New Zealand Salary and Wage earners. If they feel that they hold the correct information, they will then proceed with issuing a Tax Refund or Tax Bill. This will come into effect from April the 1st 2019 and will be in effect for the Tax year ending 31-03-2019 and onwards.

Gone are the days of just cherry picking a year, getting a refund and not worrying about if you under paid your tax in any other years, or putting your head in the sand by not declaring everything you are required by law. IRD maybe holding incorrect information on your personal situation, not caculating tax credits correctly and not claiming claimable expenses. Therefore your Tax Refund/Bill could be incorrect.

We offer a Personal Tax Advisory service to help salary and wage earners in New Zealand by making sure that they are compliant with IRD and have another affordable option for tax matters other than having to contact IRD. Don't wait, find out now and check if it was done correctly by IRD.

Unsure what your tax obligations are and what to tell IRD?

Don’t have the time to find out.

Tax Refund or Tax Bill?

Don’t want to talk or check with IRD.

Below is your answer…….

Firstly, if you are just a Salary and Wage earner in NZ you will fall into 1 of 3 Categories:

  1. No Extra Information Required – Auto Assess Tax Bill or Tax Refund Processed by IRD
  2. More information required – Submit to IRD
  3. IR3 filer – Withholding Payments Income/Schedular Payments, Rental Income, other income sources and reasons to be declared

Sounds confusing – don’t worry we have you covered. Below are our new services for the 2020 tax year and on.

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Have You worked in Australia in the Past?

If you have worked in Australia since 1992 and contributed to the Australian Superannuation Guarantee (ASG) System, your employer has had to contribute 9 percent of your wages into a locked-in retirement savings account under ASG.

New Zealanders who have worked in Australia and accumulated compulsory pension contributions under the ASG are currently unable to repatriate their savings to New Zealand before reaching Australian age of retirement. You will soon be able to transfer your Australian Superannuation back to your New Zealand Kiwi Saver account.